Meet the chef

Ola Akintola


I began cooking as a young child in Ibadan, Nigeria. My grandfather has a farm where I was very active, from planting vegetables to feeding animals. That love for food traveled with me as I relocated to St. Louis, MO. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen helping my mother and Aunty perfecting a range of global cuisines.

I attended the University of Missouri-Columbia with Bachelors in Psychology in 2015. I was very involved in campus, especially with the African Students Association. I used that opportunity to showcase my culinary skills, cooking for large events like talent shows and International Fairs. I kept the momentum going as I started to sell $10 plates with authentic Nigerian food… and then O’s Kitchen was born! I moved to Dallas shortly after, got settled and revived the dream. Since then I continue to perfect my craft all while spreading love and light, one plate at a time!

In DFW, there are over 450,000 people living in a food dessert. Defined by the USDA, a food dessert is an area where there is no grocery store within one mile, limited access to vehicles, and typically low-income. Food deserts have a higher concentration of corner stores, liquor stores and fast food. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 39.4 million Americans continue to live in communities where it is far easier for most residents to buy grape soda instead of a handful of grapes It is our goal to circulate the black dollar within the community by investing into areas where it is needed the most. Furthermore, we want to teach food education classes to communities that have limited access to grocery stories, vehicles, and are identified as low-income, formally defined as food deserts. By partnering with local farms, organizations, and individuals we can join forces to eradicating food deserts locally and beyond.



3rd place winner of DFW Black MBA Ground Zero Pitch Contest

$500 Renee Marie Co Sorors Who Rock Grant Recipeint

Featured in Cosign Magazine

Featured in The L.O.O.P



“There is a BIG difference when you are dealing with Kingdom minded entrepreneurs and her customer service in addition to her prayers for Tribe have been heartfelt and genuine.Ola has been so kind and patient with my  daily shenanigans.  I can be extra and she has handled all my requests without blinking an eye! She has risen to the occasion even with my requests for the gluten-free and vegan sisters. I so appreciate you!! Thank you for being amazing! You are gifted and I can’t wait to taste all the yumminess (yes, even the Naija jollof)”



"I love watching females use their talent to hustle. Let my girl Ola cater at your next event!”

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"Don't miss out on great cooking. Worth every penny!”

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