Located in Dallas, O's Kitchen is a purveyor of the ready-made meal service with a flair.


I began cooking as a young child in Ibadan, Nigeria. My grandfather had a farm where I was very active, from planting vegetables to feeding animals. That love for food traveled with me as I relocated to St. Louis, MO. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen helping my mother and Aunty perfecting a range of global cuisines.

I attended the University of Missouri-Columbia with Bachelors in Psychology in 2015. I was very involved in campus, especially with the African Students Association. I used that opportunity to showcase my culinary skills, cooking for large events like talent shows and International Fairs. I kept the momentum going as I started to sell $10 plates with authentic Nigerian food… and then O’s Kitchen was born! I moved to Dallas shortly after, got settled and revived the dream. Since then I continue to perfect my craft all while spreading love and light, one plate at a time!


Ola Akintola



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